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Tutoring services are now available at Red Oak Recreational Center- Stockbridge, GA

Monday, Thursday and Friday afternoon from 6-8 pm 

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Courses Offered


 At The Next Stage Learning Academy, we realize the skills and confidence that a student learn are at a young age will set the stage for his or her entire life. 

Our tutoring service allows individuals seeking to improve in reading, math, language arts, science and social studies. Our services can be used virtual anywhere via the convenience of a computer, high speed internet and online video-conferencing technology when needed.Tutoring sessions are also delivered using online whiteboard.   

Our service is offered to grade level children of all ages 5-and up and is available year round.  

Grades K-12

Variety of subjects: Language Arts,  Reading Comprehension, Math, Social Studies, Science.. just to list a few... 

Tutorial Options 

Our tutorial programs are low in cost but high in quality. Our goal is to provide affordable services and we have the best rates in town!

Level 1 Tutorial

$25.00 a session includes all materials and lessons---1 hour session

Level 2 Tutorial

$65.00 a month includes all materials and lessons----meet once a week - 1 1/2 hour sessions                   (Less than $20.00 a week)

Level 3 Tutorial

$105.00 a month includes all materials and lessons -- meet twice a week -1 1/2 hour sessions                          (Less than $30.00 a week)


Each session you may choose online or in-person at one of our preferred locations.

*Materials includes pencils, study worksheets, books, markers

A working computer, laptop, or tablet is needed for online tutorial  

$15.00 Registration Fee and Assessment to determine study level

In person contact hour tutorials are held in the church, library, school, internet access business or community center.

Travel within reasonable distance. 

Online services are offered to all and is very adaptable. 

No contract signed. May cancel at anytime.  



Our English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) program offers low-cost classes for adults online who want to learn to speak, understand, read, and write in English.  Whether you want to get a job, get a promotion, go to college, prepare for the citizenship interview, or just communicate better with your neighbors and friends, improving your English skills is an important way to achieve your goals. We have English classes for all levels from beginning to advanced. Enrollment is open all year. 

Tuition: $360.00 or $120.00 month includes online study materials and lessons 

$15.00 Registration Fee and assessment

Class Length- 3 months 

Classes are designed to fit the student study needs and level advancement



The Next Stage Online Academy offers GED Preparation instruction online for qualifying adults ages 16 and older who are currently not enrolled in high school. The GED Tests measure your knowledge and academic skills against those of today's traditional high school graduates. We offer a complete study course for each GED test. Many students register and complete all sections of the GED within a 2-6 months time frame. Classes cover each of the GED test areas: Reasoning through Language Arts, Science, Social Studies and Mathematical Reasoning. Students who are enrolled in this course usually test at a learning level of 7th-12th grade.

Classes are open entry and available at your convenience.

We understand individuals may not have time or the transportation to sit in a classroom which is why our classes are available online.  These classes are catered to those who are in need of individual study as well. We will walk you through each step to make sure you achieve your GED.    No more worries!  

Our instructors will tell you what to expect when you take the GED Tests, what your scores mean when you receive them and how to use your GED diploma to enroll in a college or university program of your choice.

The GED test consists of five parts.

Part 1. Language Arts - This includes the elements of Standard English, sentence structure, critical thinking and essay writing. 

Part 2. Mathematics - This includes basic arithmetic, algebra, and geometry.

Part 3. Science - This includes life sciences, physical sciences such as physics, space and earth science.

Part 5. Social Studies - This includes Government and civics,  United States History, Economics, and Geography

Once the student has reached the level of GED ready, the instructor will help assist the student with registration and location. To receive a GED certificate the student must score a minimum of 145 on each test. 

Tuition: $ 75.00    

One on One Tutorial

$15 per online books/materials and Test Assessment to determine level of study   

Class  Length - 3 Months



This class is for students who need to improve their reading, writing and math skills before transferring to GED Test Preparation program. Students who are enrolled in this course usually test at a learning level of 1st-6th grade.  Online classroom activities include individual instruction, computer programs and daily assignments. Classes are open entry and available at your convenience. 

Tuition: $85.00 

One on One Tutorial

$15 each for online books/materials and Test Assessment- Determine level of study  

 Class  Length - 3 Months

$1Test Assessment- Determine level of study